Amazon’s Alexa now gives you advice on how to play Call of Duty

The software will give you everything from optimal loadouts to strategic advice.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty is taking a step into the future, as Amazon’s Alexa will now be able to give players instant tips on how to improve.

Released on April 17 under the name Alexa Skill, the application is currently in the beta stage. Once installed, however, the Amazon Alexa will be able to relay suggestions on how to become a better player in Call of Duty: WWII.

“The Call of Duty Alexa Skill is designed to help players improve their Call of Duty skills, connect more easily with their friends and get to the fun faster in Call of Duty: WWII,” said Tim Ellis, Activision’s chief marketing officer in a statement.

Alexa Skill analyzes in-game data in real time to provide you with information pertaining to specific loadouts, maps, perks, and an additional 12 other categories.

The Alexa Skill has more than 250,000 unique responses to more than 2,000 questions, allowing players to ask specific questions regarding almost every facet of the game. Utilizing machine learning and AI technology, Amazon Skill is able to gather any relevant information from a match of CoD: WWII and dispense advice in real-time.

Players can also choose whether or not they want the Alexa Skill to give information during, or following the conclusion of a match—which is probably for the best as it features a drill sergeant-esque voice.

The release of the Alexa Skill seems to only be the beginning of Activision’s ambitions on merging technology with the massive multiplayer franchise. On Oct. 17 Activision was granted a patent for a system which would, hypothetically, drive microtransactions by matching players against weaker opposition. This controversial technology has yet to be implemented in any games, however.