9 teams earn travel and accommodation to CWL Las Vegas Open with qualifier wins

Rush Gaming, Japan's most popular team, will be attending CWL Las Vegas.

Photo via MLG

The winners of the first CWL National Qualifier events have been determined for each of the nine participating nations.

Nine teams have earned travel and accommodation to next month’s first official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 LAN event, CWL Las Vegas, after winning their respective CWL National Qualifiers on Saturday. The tournaments, which are replacing the CWL National Circuit this season, featured the eight amateur teams with the most pro points from each nation.

Each of the nine winners will have their travel and accommodation covered by the CWL, securing a spot at the season-opening event. While several of these teams will likely struggle in the grueling open bracket, the confidence from their respective qualifier wins may help them thrive in Las Vegas.

Here are the winners of the CWL National Qualifiers.

  • United States: Envoy’s team (Dylan “Envoy” Hannon, Chase “Charullz” Brown, Tyler “GodFormz” Kent, Tyler “Performal,” and “Remedy”)
  • Canada: Morituri Esports (Danny “Miyagi” Ho, Evan “Holler” Howard, Mathias “Stumpfy” Stumpf, Bryan “Archivs” Jean, and “Jimbo”)
  • United Kingdom: Team Sween (Shea “QwiKeR” Sweeney, Connor “Weeman” Chilton, Nick Nolson, Dylan Henderson, and Brian “Braaain” Fairlamb)
  • Australia: Team Obsidium (Nathan “Bacabec” Munro-Ireland, Cooper “Lakie” Reading, Dean Beldzinski, Tyson Grech, and Rory “Cruze” Hunn)
  • France: Wailers’ team (Wailers Locart, Jean-Baptiste “ATLAS” Duzert, Lucas “rizK” Derambure, Lorenzo “YuuzL” De Carvalho, and Ryan “ZeeK” Lapierre)
  • Spain: Heretics KFC (Jorge “MethodZ” Bancells, Juan “JurNii” Antonio González, Alejandro “Lucky” López, Endika “Sukry” Andres, and Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano)
  • Germany: Kivi’s team (Kevin “Kivi” Fiala, Maik “Phantom” Schmitz, Piero Fazio, Tom “Sharko,” and Sebastian “Cookie”)
  • Italy: iDomina Esports (Nicolò “Blade” Maggi, Nicholas “Predax” Sestito, Pasquale “Pacobey” Calabrò, Ronaldo “Wartex” Lavado, and “Infernal”)
  • Japan: Rush Gaming (“GreedZz,” “WinRed,” “GP,” “Luke,” and “Hunt”)