15 players and coaches Paris Legion have shown interest in

Is the franchise lost or just weighing its options?

Photo via Call of Duty League™

In early September, Paris Legion wiped its entire 2020 Call of Duty League roster clean. But with only two weeks left until the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the franchise is still yet to sign a single player.

Since the beginning of the offseason, I’ve heard well over 20 players that Paris has either shown interest in or players who have been pitched to their management. What I’ve written below is only the tip of the iceberg, but here’s what I can share:



This could’ve been a perfect opportunity for Paris Legion to start a rebuild with a highly talented young French player. But HyDra won’t represent his home team this season. Instead, he’ll be working under Clayster’s wing on the New York Subliners. It’s still unclear if he’ll start or sit on the bench, though.

Skrapz, Wuskin, and Rated

I have doubts that these three could co-exist on the same team again, but the former London Royal Ravens teammates have all had links to Paris in one way or another.

All three have a huge European following on both Twitter and Twitch. And, of course, all of them are highly talented players who deserve a spot in the league.

Wailers and Breszy

Initially, I was told the franchise was adamant about having French representation on the team, which is a good look for both the team and the league. But there’s a chance the organization could throw that idea out the window. Don’t completely count the French duo out yet, though.

Zed and Denz

These two were on the first roster I had heard for Legion, but it’s not looking good for the pair now. A few days ago, Zed essentially confirmed that he’d likely be playing in Challengers next season and Denz replied shortly after hinting at the same thing. At one point, Denz coaching Paris was on the table too.


Slacked’s name was mentioned next to Rated’s more than a few times to me, potentially alongside Wuskin and Skrapz as well. Rated and Slacked had a chance to form a mostly North American roster with the franchise, according to sources, but it’s unclear who the other two players would have been.


Jimbo speaks fluent French, which makes complete sense as to why Paris would target him—especially if the franchise was looking at signing Wailers and Breszy. Jimbo played for Atlanta FaZe Academy during the Modern Warfare season and was a standout player in the North American region.


The Asia Pacific Challengers region was dominated by Pred and his team all year round. I’m told Paris Legion considered him early in the offseason and he likely would’ve played alongside Zed and fellow Australian player Denz.

Pred led the Challengers scene in both Hardpoint and Domination kills per minute, according to former Paris Legion analyst NovusVita. If Paris does pass on Pred, other teams should look into him as a substitute.


Afro is a talented SMG slayer who played under Team WaR last season. They won five consecutive events and came in first place in the Call of Duty Challengers Final in Europe. If he doesn’t sign with Paris, London would be a great home for him.



DREAL coached HyDra in 2020 and Wailers in 2019—likely two of the reasons why he was linked to the Legion early on. Last I heard, he was potentially headed to a coaching job on an amateur team in Europe.


Fenix coached Team Singularity last season, but the organization let him go in early October after the season finished. Paris looked into him, but now he could be off to coach a North American Challengers team instead.


Right now, Theory is one of the top contenders for the coaching job in Paris. He hasn’t seen real success in Call of Duty since WWII when he won CWL Dallas and CWL New Orleans under Team Kaliber, but now he’s looking to potentially start a new journey as the head coach of the Paris Legion.

With all that being said, anything could still happen with Paris. As far as I’m aware, the franchise isn’t close to signing anyone and its list of potential players is still deep. Don’t expect a team announcement from the Legion before Cold War drops.