Nov 2 2017 - 6:41 pm

Here are the Hardpoint rotations for the maps in the official 2018 CWL ruleset

Learn the Hardpoint rotations for WWII before the game is even released.
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Image via Activision

The official Call of Duty World League ruleset was revealed earlier today, and now we know which maps and game modes will be a part of the 2018 season for WWII.

The initial competitive guidelines outlined by the CWL list four Hardpoint maps for WWII—Ardennes Forest, Gibraltar, London Docks, and Sainte Marie du Mont.

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To give you a competitive edge before even playing your first match of Hardpoint in WWII, here are the rotations for each of the CWL Hardpoint maps. The Hardpoint locations for each CWL map are listed below in the order of their rotation. The names used for each individual Hardpoint location are those provided in-game in the top left corner of your screen near the mini-map.

Ardennes Forest

Image via Activision | Remix via [Justin Waves](

1) Cave

2) Ruins

3) Bunker

4) East Road


Image via Activision | Remix via [Justin Waves](

1) Pit Center

2) Fort Courtyard

3) Castle Road

4) Turret

London Docks

Image via Activision | Remix via [Justin Waves](

1) Statue

2) Main Street

3) Docks Warehouse

4) Barrel Building

5) Docks Crane

Sainte Marie du Mont

Image via Activision | Remix via [Justin Waves](

1) Restaurant

2) Winery Lot

3) Parking Lot

4) Lookout Post

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