The inaugural Australian Games Awards are coming in December

The first AGAs will be held at Sydney’s Luna Park. Nominations are now open.

Yesterday, Trade Media announced that it’s launching the Australian Games Awards (AGAs). The inaugural event will be held at Sydney’s Luna Park on Dec. 19. 

The AGAs will recognize Australian gaming culture in 30 categories across games, accessories, games journalism, esports, and content creation. Trade Media Director, Joel Van Daal, took to Twitter to share the official announcement, declaring that he is “so thrilled to reveal the event.”  He also added that “this will be the biggest ever celebration of Australian gaming culture, and will give the community the opportunity to have their say. Games are the premier form of entertainment, and we are just pleased to be able to give them the platform it deserves.”

EB Games Australia is also on board with the AGAs, offering a limited release Ultimate Fan Pass. The $199 ticket will not only get you into the celebration event but also include food, drinks, and commemorative swag—with further inclusions to be announced in the weeks leading up to the event. Only 200 of these tickets are available to the public with the remaining tickets available for those currently working in the industry.

Nominations for the awards are now open and will close on Nov. 18. The full list of the recognized categories are as follows:

Action/Adventure Title of the Year
Audio Brand of the Year
Australian Developed Game of the Year
Breakout Creator of the Year
Controller and Accessories Brand of the Year
Cosplayer of the Year
Creator of the Year
Esports Personality of the Year
Esports Title of the Year
Family/Kids Title of Year
Game Of The Year
Gaming Publication of the Year
Independent Game of the Year
Journalist of the Year
Mixer Creator of the Year
Mobile/Handheld Title of the Year
Multiplayer/Online Title of the Year
Organization of the Year
Play of the Year
Player of the Year
RPG of the Year
Shooter of the Year
Social Media God
Sports, Racing or Fighting Title of the Year
Strategy Title of the Year
Table Top of the Year
Team of the Year
The Gamechanger
Twitch Creator of the Year
YouTube Creator of the Year

Voting will commence shortly after the nomination period. Be sure to follow the AGAs on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest news and announcements.