Team Liquid and Alienware renew and expand their 10-year partnership

One of the strongest partnerships in esports is expanding further.

Screengrab via Team Liquid

Team Liquid has had a lot of sponsors since the organization was founded 21 years ago, but one of the most consistent of the bunch has been Alienware. 

The computer hardware company, which is a subsidiary of the larger tech company Dell, has been a partner of Liquid for 10 years. And today, both sides announced that they’re renewing and expanding their relationship moving forward. 

This expansion gives Liquid and Alienware the longest partnership between a gaming company and an esports team, as well as the longest hardware partnership in esports history. 

“Ten years ago, I was introduced to a team at Alienware—the same team that I work with today—after an event during my Curse days,” Team Liquid’s co-CEO Steve Arhancet said. “I didn’t know it at the time, but that conversation would go on to help shape Team Liquid, and with it, my entire life.”

Along with setting those records, this renewal will see Liquid and Alienware partner to establish new programs to push fan engagement, player performance, and community opportunities. 

Last year, Liquid launched its Liquid+ fan service as a way to expand its community efforts and reward fan loyalty with a unique program. Alienware is going to be a launch sponsor for the program and host a “virtual stadium” for fans on Jan. 27, supporting a day-long, space-themed celebration on Twitch’s front page

Moving forward, Alienware will also work with Liquid to introduce “new technology and facilities upgrades” and “open pathways for underrepresented people in esports.” More details about both of those initiatives will be shared at a later date. 

“Alienware and Team Liquid have been partners for a decade because we dream hard and work even harder,” Arhancet said. “In our next chapter, we’re going bigger than we ever have by introducing programs that contribute to fans and players, starting with our Liquid+ launch, and open up the esports industry to underrepresented voices. Our plans are bold, but so are we, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Alienware and Liquid.”