NRG reveals full $10 million “gaming fantasy factory”

The organization has revealed its new facility in full.

Screengrab via NRG

NRG is stepping up its creation game with a new, 20,000 square-foot facility that the company is calling a “gaming fantasy factory” in the heart of Los Angeles. 

The NRG Castle was designed as a place for NRG players and creators to have a space to work on content, but the organization also wants it to be a place where collaboration around gaming is the focus. 

NRG spent upwards of $10 million on this new facility, working with Hollywood designers to create a very distinct look and feel that can’t be easily replicated. From a massive number of LED lights to the various amenities like a $1 million double-decker gaming couch, the experience inside of the NRG Castle looks wild. 

Unlike most installations, the NRG Castle looks like it takes up one giant space that is only separated by a few bigger pieces of furniture. There are separate rooms for teams and players to get away from the open layout and practice in a quieter, more controlled environment, too. The San Fransisco Shock played several of their Overwatch League matches from the facility’s practice rooms.

Behind the practice area is also a more traditional office space for the organization’s editors or other staffers to work from if they prefer that style of environment. This is where the typical conference room and other offices are also located. 

You can view a full tour of the NRG Castle facility on the team’s YouTube channel.