Niantic donates more than $275,000 to support people and refugees in Ukraine

The company is matching donations from employees along with an initial donation.

Image via Niantic

Niantic, the developer of games like Pokémon Go and Ingress, will be donating $200,000 directly to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. This donation is specifically aimed at helping people and refugees within the country being affected by the Russian invasion. 

“Everyone has a right to explore and enjoy their communities without fearing for their own safety — and what is happening in Ukraine is a tragedy,” Niantic said. “Innocent people are being targeted and killed, millions of people are being displaced, and many more lives have been turned upside down by this violent invasion. Like many others in the global community, we are heartbroken and we feel compelled to do what we can to support our players and the Ukrainian people.”

Along with the initial donation, Niantic employees have raised $75,000, which the company is also matching. 

With this minimum donation of $275,000, Niantic and its employees are specifically supporting “charities and non-governmental organizations,” including the following: United Help Ukraine, Razom Inc., Charitable Fund Voices of Children, International Rescue Committee, Norwegian Refugee Council, Sunflower of Peace, International Medical Corps and UNICEF.

The developer is also reaching out to players within its local communities, such as players in the Wayfarer Ambassadors program, to try and “bring symbols of light and peace to Agents around the World” in Ingress.

“We are hoping for a peaceful resolution to this senseless war and violence, and our thoughts are with Ukraine and everyone affected by this conflict,” Niantic said

This donation follows The Pokémon Company International making a similar donation, along with several larger donations by Niantic in the past.