KeSPA partners with OP.GG over League of Legends data

One of League players' most-liked data tool gets officially recognized.

Image via KeSPA

When it comes to tracking player statistics and champion analytics, the go-to place for the majority of League of Legends players is OP.GG. By signing a partnership with the Korean e-Sports Association, KeSPA, the data platform is now officially recognized by a major esports stakeholder.

OP.GG is set to provide KeSPA with comprehensive data about players, teams, scores, and game statistics for professional League of Legends as well as FIFA Online 3. The partnership sees OP.GG increase its focus on esports-related data and accumulate numbers about Korea’s esports history. Through this development, OP.GG is supposed to become an esports data management system catered towards the needs of KeSPA.

KeSPA is looking for OP.GG to become a tool that’s also be used for coaching and strategy building purposes by professional teams. It remains to be seen exactly what that might look like, however.

OP.GG, surely, is a well-established stats provider when it comes to League. It’s great to see their efforts funneling into recognition by KeSPA. The partnership could well be just the beginning for a larger expansion strategy by OP.GG, as the deal does not appear to include any kind of exclusivity.

As one of the most-liked tools for League players, OP.GG has long been ripe for expansion. Catering to League’s massive player base, OP.GG is a hot asset. To date, the service is accessible in eleven countries, boasts 26 million monthly visitors, 230 million monthly page views, and has a registered user base of 80 million.

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