Google reportedly set to outline a plan to bring Windows games to Stadia on March 15

This could change the trajectory of Stadia if successful.

Image via Google

Windows games could be making their way onto Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia.

A solution for running Windows games on Stadia could be in effect. Marcin Undak, the Stadia porting platform team head, will reportedly dive deeper into how Google plans to run in-house technology to run Windows games on its new gaming service. Google plans to do this through a Windows emulator for Linux, which Stadia runs on, and will be revealed at the Google for Games Developer Summit on March 15, according to The Verge.

This wouldn’t be the first time this has been done. Valve made similar attempts to allow Linux machines to run Windows games on the Steam Deck. But allowing Lunix to run Windows games is a tough task since most games are developed around being created for Windows PC and the primary console publishers, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

If the emulator is successfully able to run Windows games on Stadia, this could become the big breakthrough Stadia needs to implement more games onto the service for the future.

Stadia is a cloud gaming service that was developed by Google and released on Nov. 19, 2019. But since its release, Stadia has underperformed and speculation around Google’s plan to abandon the project has surfaced. 

Still, Google continues to work on Stadia and revealed that it will place more focus on cloud technology and partnerships on Feb. 1. And this new report around Windows games could be Google’s way of letting the public know that its commitment to Stadia will remain strong moving forward in 2022.