Coronavirus continues to impact Nintendo Switch sales

A Nintendo Switch might be hard to find in a few months.

Photo via Max Pixel

The coronavirus has heavily impacted the production of the Nintendo Switch for weeks. The virus has disrupted production lines in China that could lead to console shortages as early as April. And a new sales report this week shows that the console is still being impacted by the virus.

Approximately 10,850 units were sold from Feb. 17 to 23, according to a report from Nintendo Life. The number of consoles sold during this time period is usually closer to 70,000, which indicates a major reduction in production and distribution. Several major titles, such as Animal Crossing, are coming to the Switch soon and the lack of consoles could result in a huge loss for Nintendo.

Nintendo has publicly said that it doesn’t see the issue impacting the U.S. market. If you plan on purchasing a Nintendo Switch, though, you might want to do so soon. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be available in the foreseeable future.

The Nintendo Switch isn’t the only console affected by the coronavirus. The production of Valve’s Index VR system has been limited because of the virus. This is a huge problem because the highly-anticipated Half-Life: Alyx was designed to be used on the Index, which has led to a high demand for the console. Players are unable to purchase the Index right now and can only join a waiting list to be notified when the system is restocked.

The coronavirus has also caused several game developers to cancel their appearances at PAX East and multiple delays in the Overwatch League. Fans will have to patiently wait to see if the virus will continue to disrupt the gaming industry.