California judge dismisses Tfue’s original complaint in FaZe Clan lawsuit

The New York trial is scheduled for Oct. 5.

Photo via Tfue

Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s original complaint against his former organization FaZe Clan has been dismissed by a California judge, according to a report from the Hollywood Reporter.

In May 2019, Tenney filed a lawsuit against FaZe, claiming that the organization had operated as an unlicensed agency in violation of California’s Talent Agencies Act (TAA), blocked Tenney’s business opportunities, and collected as much as 80 percent of Tenney’s earnings. The lawsuit also claimed that FaZe pressured Tenney into dangerous stunts for videos, which eventually led to a serious injury to Tenney’s arm. 

Tenney claims the contract should not apply because FaZe violated the TTA, which bans unlicensed talent agents from managing talent in the state of California. Tenney argued that his Gamer Agreement with FaZe violated the law and is void as a result. FaZe, on the other hand, argued that it didn’t manage Tenney in California.

In August 2019, FaZe filed its own countersuit in New York, claiming that Tenney breached his contract by suing in an improper forum, stealing trade secrets, and attempting to poach his former teammates. In its suit, FaZe claimed that, among other things, Tenney earned $20 million from streaming without sharing any of that revenue with the organization.

Earlier in the month, the Southern District of New York court responded to the claims, rejecting most of the requests from FaZe and all requests from Tfue and moving the dispute closer to trial.

Although the case has been dismissed in California, Tenney still has a complaint before the California Labor Commissioner regarding the TAA.

“Given the court’s favorable findings on the rulings on summary judgment and the upcoming hearing in front of the Labor Commission concerning illegal procurement, there was no need to have the proceeding in state court,” Tenney’s lawyer Bryan Freedman said in a statement. “All issues will be resolved in the trial in New York and in front of the California Labor Commission. My client is very confident and looks forward adjudicating these issues.”

The case will proceed in New York, and a start date for the trial is scheduled for Oct. 5.