Bungie activates global remote work infrastructure in response to the coronavirus

COVID-19 has ramped up significantly in other countries over the past few weeks.

Image via Bungie

Over the past month, the rise of the coronavirus has caused many companies to take preventative measures to ensure the safety and health of its staff. Bungie is the latest company to make some company-wide changes, initiating a work-from-home system and policy for all Bungie employees around the world.

“Bungie’s approach to the COVID-19 outbreak is designed to react to rapid changes as news dictates, including how we will eventually re-integrate employees back into our local offices once the threat of the virus has lowered,” the company said today.

With this remote work infrastructure, employees around the world are being given technical solutions to maintain communication with each other and to ensure that development and game-critical functions are still stable while everyone works from remote locations.

Bungie also said that because of this new system, patching cadences for Destiny might be affected. But fans will be informed as soon as any delays will occur. Season of the Worthy will still be releasing on Tuesday, March 10 and the Trials of Osiris will still be taking place next weekend on Friday, March 13.

The coronavirus has caused many different big-name companies to make some tough decisions over the past couple of months, but safety is of the utmost importance for most big-name companies. Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Unity, and Epic Games, for example, all dropped out of the 2020 Game Developers Conference over fears of the virus, leading to the event being rescheduled for the summer.

In Seattle, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are some of the many companies that have encouraged their employees to work from home if possible. This was in response to a coronavirus outbreak in Washington. At time of writing, there are at least 70 confirmed cases of the disease in the region.