Activision Blizzard launches player research group to help with mobile marketing decisions

Active mobile users will be invited by Activision Blizzard Media to join the King's Council.

Photo via Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard Media, a marketing division for Activision Blizzard, is looking to increase its understanding of mobile consumers by starting a research group made up of the most active people in its player bases. 

Named the King’s Council, the community of players will serve as the voice of the players while the developer seeks to evaluate potential brand and advertising deals. Ideally, the group will give Activision Blizzard the capacity to make faster, smarter marketing decisions that appeal to users of King games like Candy Crush.

“We want to breathe even more life into the community and give our players a meaningful voice in the games and experiences they love,” said Brian Ames, Activision Blizzard Media president. “King’s Council is a way for players to share their feedback and perspectives, ensuring we think holistically about what’s best for players and our marketing partners as we build new offerings for our large and vibrant user base worldwide.”

Input from the King’s Council will be collected by Blizzard using online surveys as well as other unidentified means and Activision Blizzard will invite people to join the council.

With the emphasis of this initiative being mobile gaming and the council itself being named after Activision Blizzard’s mobile subsidiary King, the publisher is likely looking to gather marketing information that’s geared more toward users of Candy Crush or Diamond Diaries. This means you likely won’t be getting an invitation if you’re a diehard fan of other games in the Activision or Blizzard lexicon, like Call of Duty or Overwatch

Understanding consumers of King products is important, however. The developer accounts for more than half of Activision Blizzard’s monthly active users with 247 million. The conglomerate as a whole has just a little more than 316 million monthly active users, according to the company’s Q3 financial report.