Aston Villa is entering esports by creating its own gaming division

It's the latest soccer club to dip its toe into esports.

Adam Newell  -  a day ago

Arab Esports Federation to streamline esports industry in the Middle-East

The 11 member states are taking their first steps towards a unified esports strategy.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days ago - Business

Team Liquid's parent company aXiomatic closes $25 million funding round

It's another big injection of cash for the group.
Adam Newell - 2 days ago - Business

NBA 2K League inks sponsorship deal with State Farm

It’s the first non-endemic sponsorship for the nascent league.
Xing Li - 4 days ago - Business

Head of MTG Sports becomes co-CEO of DreamHack

He'll also join the board of the company that runs ESL and DreamHack.
Sam Nordmark - 9 days ago - Business

The IOC is meeting with esports companies and players in July—is esports one step closer to the Olympics?

The two sides will convene in Lausanne, Switzerland in just over two months.
Preston Byers - 10 days ago - Business

A federal law against sports betting has been removed—what does it mean for esports?

Esports betting is believed to be valued in the tens of billions by 2020.
Sam Nordmark - 10 days ago - Business

Discord hits 130 million users

The chat platform is entering its third year.
Nicole Carpenter - 10 days ago - Business

U.S. Supreme Court lifts federal ban on sports gambling

U.S. bookmakers could now turn their attention to esports.
Sam Nordmark - 11 days ago - Business

Staffordshire University is seeking a lecturer for its new esports course

The course will be taught by someone with a business background.
Adam Newell - 11 days ago - Business