The biggest prize money winners in esports history

From Dota to Brood War, these are the most successful players.

Sam Nordmark  -  3 days ago

Red Bull is opening a public esports hub in London later this month

You can head downtown to climb up the leaderboards.
Adam Newell - 4 days ago - Business

A Texas city plans to open a new esports stadium

The 100,000 square foot space will open this fall.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 days ago - Business

Multiple esports player associations are reportedly taking shape in North America

Players in Overwatch, CS:GO, and League of Legends are looking to establish the first independent esports associations.
Sam Nordmark - 5 days ago - Business

Alibaba supports esports in the Olympics—so long as the games aren’t violent

The Chinese e-commerce group wants to see esports at the Olympics.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 days ago - Business

Spain's top soccer league is moving into esports with a FIFA 18 tournament

Some major sponsors are on board for the venture.
Adam Newell - 6 days ago - Business

Cryptocurrency, esports, and a new era of streaming: An interview with the CEO of Play2Live

The company has raised $24 million and has big ambitions in the industry.
Luke Winkie - 11 days ago - Business

Esports at the Olympics is "absurd," according to German soccer association president

Does esports need to be at the Olympics to be considered legitimate?
Nicole Carpenter - 13 days ago - Business

What last year's big numbers in esports tell us about 2018

No surprises here: 2018 will be another big year for esports.
Sam Nordmark - 23 days ago - Business