Women and diversity On air in LCS and eSports

It is my firm opinion that Riot, like ESPN, is in an excellent position to lead the eSports community in fairly and accurately representing its entire demographic in its public broadcasts of League of Legends.


Renegades Remi is out and Hakuho is in.

Renegades"With the resignation of Remi we will be turning to Nick "Hakuho" Surgent to fill our support role Hakuho will join us immediately this weekend for our week 4 bouts..."


Engagement with your audiance

Esports will be the same way someone just has to set the bar of where social media and engagement needs to be


Pobelter, the young prodigy

Credit to Immortals.gg Eugene "Pobelter" Park first team he played on was called Jaypac and friends. Eugene loved MapleStory and dabbled in Dota with 300+ ping on a private European server.


CLG on trial

You may be seated is heard all across the courtroom in unison seats are taking.


Not just a showmatch

Intel Extreme Masters San Jose was Surrounded by bigger stories. Some of the possible story lines will LGD bounce back from worlds, How will new TSM, CLG, UOL Look, OG without their coach, and will Jin Air bounce back from the Kespa cup.