Understanding Card Advantage in Arena

Greetings! Today we will talk about one of the main resources in the game. Hearthstone can be divided into 3 main resources. Those are card advantage, tempo and hero’s health. For this article we will be focusing on card advantage. We are going to explore what card advantage is, how to determine if you have […]

How to Utilize The Coin in The Arena

Hello everyone. It’s time to talk about the most played card not only in the arena but in whole Hearthstone – . You get The Coin when you are the second player along with an extra card. It’s purpose to offset the inherent advantages of going first. Since you have a 50% chance of getting […]

How to Draft and Play Removal in Arena

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk all about removal in the arena. It has always been a hard topic to grasp especially for newer players. It’s hard to know how much removal in your deck is too little and how much is too much. I will do my best to explain everything you need […]