The poke kings?

Two picks that emerged recently in competitive play mainly attracted my attention with their roles that looked so similar to me, being poke machines.

The small talent pool of the West

Many western fans of the league of legends esports scene often don’t realize how small the talent pool is small for both North America and Europe.

NA Challenger Series Qualifiers – Second Final

[Spoiler alert, the winners of each best of 3 are annouced here] For those unaware, on wednesday night was the North American Challenger Series qualifiers finals, that saw the ten top teams on the soloq ranked 5vs5 ladder fight each oth…

Out Of Favor : Elise, The Spider Queen

[Credit for the picture go to chocolatenyanma, here’s a link to her DeviantArt page! ] After being the most prized champion during the season 4 LCS, Elise vanished from the competitive scene.

Nightblue3 Bronze to Diamond ranked team challenge

16 days ago, popular streamer Nightblue3 chose 4 members of his community to make a ranked 5vs5 team and bring it to diamond. The specifics of those players? All were bronze at the beginning of the experiment.

Out of favor : Syndra, the Dark Sovereign

[All credit go to raempire3000 for that FanArt! Here’s a link to check him out! ] Oh long gone are the days of the dominance of Syndra mid, aren’t they?