Musings: Week 9

Playoffs soon, time to get ready for some disappointing 3-0s. EU: Only one game mattered, the 10th place tiebreaker MYM vs Giants MYM pulled a great Elements impression and threw at baron.

Musings: Week 6

Oh, I forgot to post this, my bad. I got swept up in some headache-inducing code and forgot about this. At least it isn’t on the day of the EU LCS. EU Day 1: Elements vs MYM Krepo with the Balista break the losing streak.

Musings: LCS weeks 4 and 5

Pretty late considering the first day of the EU was today, but I doubt that matters. Took longer than I thought to make some pictures and school/League consumed a day. Oh well, enjoy friendos.

Musings: LCS week 3

Week 3 has gone by, and now it’s time for me to poke fun at the games. With the most annoying of memepicks Jungle Nidalee surfacing (and unfortunately winning), solo queue should be rather intolerable for a couple days.