Luminosity Gaming, future champions.

It's incredible. Almost unprecedented in Counter Strike Global Offensive. A team that essentially came out of nowhere and catapulted to the top with no hesitance.


Studs and Duds of 2015

In this article we'll be taking a look at the Studs and Duds in CSGO in 2015. I'll be going over what teams exceed expectations and what teams faltered throughout the year. I'll only look at what I consider the tier 1 teams.


What I hope for CSGO in 2016

2015 was an extraordinary year for Counter Strike. We saw unprecedented growth in terms of viewership. We saw the launch of five hundred thousand dollar professional leagues.

Top 5 champions that ruined Esports!

5. Shen Coming inat number 5 we have the infamousbastard, Shen. Dressed in his trusty sunfire cape you'll find this ninja carelessly pushing down your side lanes and taking down turret after turret all game at absolutely no cost.