Aaron Mickunas
League of Legends Journalist and Game Analyst
League journalist/analyst for Dot Esports; dirty Thresh one-trick; WoW Shaman main; Soldier: 76's alter ego.

League’s own blob of lovable goo is getting an update

Zac will be one of the targets of the mid-season tank update.
a day agoLoL

League of Lethality: What went wrong with League’s newest stat?

The troublesome replacement for armor penetration has been a tricky beast for Riot to slay.
a day agoLoL

Big changes are on the way for League’s most dominant tank: Maokai

Riot aims to make the tree more of a challenge to play.
6 days agoLoL

Cho’gath is about to get much, much scarier

The void monster will now be able to infinitely stack his ultimate.
7 days agoLoL

These 7 League of Legends plays might be the craziest of all time

These moments of pure skill (or luck) will make you want to play League right now.
7 days agoLoL

Riot just teased a new skin for Zyra

The meta-dominating support is getting her first skin since 2014.
8 days agoLoL

Aatrox has finally been confirmed for an update

Details on a smaller-scale champion update have been released by Riot.
9 days agoLoL

Cop returns to the LCS as Team Dignitas’ new head coach

He will be replacing both current coaches starting with this week’s matches.
12 days agoLoL

Meteos is being subbed in this weekend—but not for Cloud9

Not only will he be playing for his first time in the LCS while not on C9, but he’s also playing against them.
13 days agoLoL

Riot is rolling out the 10-ban system for everyone, not just the pros

The new ban system debuted in pro play in the 2017 season, and regular games are following suit.
13 days agoLoL