Aaron Mickunas
Staff Writer
Lead League of Legends writer and friendly neighborhood jungler.

Big Draven nerfs in store for Patch 7.17

Draven snowballs harder than most ADCs in the game. Maybe it's time for a change.
8 hours agoLoL

Malphite is getting a small rework next patch—here's what to expect

Tons of tweaks to his Q and a brand new feature for Brutal Strikes are coming.
9 hours agoLoL

Praise the Riot gods—Ezreal is getting a buff

Just in time for his new skin. Coincidence?! Yeah, probably.
a day agoLoL

Azir's major update is coming sooner than we all expected

The Emperor of Shurima is getting a major makeover in Patch 7.19.
a day agoLoL

The new Star Guardian splash arts have finally been revealed—and they're awesome

We didn't know we needed this much weeb in our lives.
2 days agoLoL

The best champions to pick up during the champion and skin sale starting Aug. 15

Your options are somewhat limited, if you're looking for something in meta.
2 days agoLoL

Riot: There probably won't be any more duo champions like Xayah and Rakan

Turns out the bird-brained lovers are one of a kind.
2 days agoLoL

Caitlyn's win and pick rates have both plummeted following her nerfs last week

She now loses more of her games than any other ADC in League of Legends.
2 days agoLoL

Yasuo is being buffed next patch—but don't worry, he won't be OP

League's edgiest champion hasn't had it easy for the last few patches.
3 days agoLoL

Janna's nerfs are being delayed, and Ardent Censer is being nerfed instead

Is Janna really the problem, or is it the support meta as a whole?
4 days agoLoL