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Slay left Gigabyte Marines after returning home from MSI, and Stark may be leaving too

After turning heads at MSI, the team is splitting apart already.
an hour agoLoL

Riot is hosting a new circuit of international tournaments this Summer called Rift Rivals

We may finally get an official NA vs. EU competition.
2 hours agoLoL

Zac was over-buffed in Patch 7.10, and nerfs are on the way

The big green blob has had a rough couple of weeks.
a day agoLoL

LeBlanc and Guardian Angel nerfs are finally on the way

The nerf list keeps getting longer and longer for Patch 7.11.
a day agoLoL

Voice chat is not actually coming to League—yet

Riot confirms that the Reddit post last week was faked.
2 days agoLoL

G2 Esports are moving onto the MSI Finals after dismantling Team WE

The kings of Europe have redeemed themselves on the international stage.
3 days agoLoL

10 bans will be here next patch, and it's very different than what we expected

Rather than the LCS format, both teams and all players will ban simultaneously.
4 days agoLoL

Item sets are coming back to League

The new item sets feature is looking much sleeker and more intuitive than its previous iteration.
4 days agoLoL

Missions are on their way to League's game client—you can earn free skins, loot chests, and more

The new missions aim to challenge your skill, not your patience.
4 days agoLoL

New skins for Riven and Yasuo teased in the latest PBE update

This new pair of skins may have been confirmed by a leak two months ago.
4 days agoLoL