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League journalist/analyst for Dot Esports and friendly neighborhood Jungler.

Maokai and Sejuani's new splash arts are stellar

The new artwork for the two champions is part of a large update to the tank class in the next League patch.
an hour agoLoL

This is not a drill—Graves could be getting his cigar back

Splash art containing the old image with the tobacco-toting outlaw was uploaded to the PBE today.
3 hours agoLoL

Origen loses two more players and their head coach, leaving only xPeke on the roster

The former Spanish EU LCS team will be holding tryouts to field a new team.
6 hours agoLoL

These are the 7 best plays of the 2017 LCK Spring Split

League of Legends doesn’t get any better than this.
7 hours agoLoL

Team Liquid is creating a new academy team out of ex-Tainted Minds players

ShorterAce and Cake headline the new squad.
a day agoLoL

A week after release, Xayah is looking a bit OP but Rakan is just too squishy

Upcoming patches probably won't yield many changes for the lovebirds.
a day agoLoL

Let’s take a look into Lee Sin’s ridiculous 40 percent play-rate

One of League’s hardest champions to play is one of the fans' favorites to play.
a day agoLoL

Midseason update: Riot is looking to dish out nerfs to Patch 7.9’s biggest changes before they go live

League of Legends’ biggest patch of the year is nearly here, but the new features are going to need some work first.
a day agoLoL

Hai on FlyQuest's loss: Whoever won mid would win that series

Fly’s mid lane and leader spoke to us after the third place defeat to Phoenix1 on Saturday.
a day agoLoL

Soon you’ll need to own 20 champions to play ranked games in League of Legends

The change comes alongside the introduction of 10 bans to non-professional games on Summoner’s Rift.
2 days agoLoL