Aaron Mickunas
Staff Writer
Lead League of Legends writer and friendly neighborhood jungler.

Fiora, Yasuo, and Sion are getting buffed big time

The top lane trio received some monster-sized buffs on the PBE this week.
5 hours agoLoL

Sivir was hotfix nerfed yesterday for being too OP

She went from the bottom of the barrel to god-tier overnight.
8 hours agoLoL

A Gwent tournament is coming to gamescom

It's one of the first major tournaments for the new online card game.
15 hours agoGeneral

Team Liquid add insanityXXX to their NA LCS roster

He's a high ranked Challenger player, but does he have what it takes to compete in the LCS?
a day agoLoL

Phoenix1 picks up SELFIE as a sub—potential replacement for Ryu

It probably won't save P1, but it's a start.
a day agoLoL

Summoner’s Rift is going 8-bit with a new, Arcade-themed map

The new map looks just as stellar as the new Battle Boss skins.
a day agoLoL

Lancer Zero Hecarim is the newest gemstone exclusive skin, and it's really, really cool

If you've ever wanted Hecarim to spew sparkles when he uses an ability, you're in luck.
a day agoLoL

Pentakill Kayle is on the way to celebrate the band’s second album, and she rocks

It’s the first Pentakill skin in five years.
2 days agoLoL

Long live the Bjerger King: 7 of the best plays from Bjergsen's career

Bjergsen joined the 1,000 kill club last weekend, and it's time to reminisce.
2 days agoLoL

New arcade skins on the way—Battle Boss Malzahar, Brand, and Ziggs

Final Boss Veigar and Battle Boss Blitzcrank are teaming up with more villains.
2 days agoLoL