Xing Li
League of Legends Analyst
Competitive League analyst for Dot Esports, fan of missed skill shots and botched TP plays, lover of creative jungle paths, easily tilted by throws at the Baron pit.

CLG survive a barn-burner against Team EnVyUs

CLG complete a comeback and avoid another quarterfinals upset.
2 days agoLoL

G2 survive a tough challenge from Splyce to move on to the EU LCS semifinals

Splyce showed some new tricks and almost knocked out the kings of Europe.
2 days agoLoL

Does CLG have enough gas to take down Team EnVyUs?

The two teams meet in the NA LCS playoffs on Sunday.
3 days agoLoL

SKT defeated Samsung before the two teams even stepped on the Rift

SKT's preparation and drafts made it incredibly hard for Samsung to succeed.
4 days agoLoL

Riot's coders are working on a concept platform game—and it looks awesome

Riot's hackathon is yielding interesting results.
4 days agoLoL

Do Splyce have any chance against G2 in the EU LCS playoffs?

Splyce may be better off preparing for the regional playoffs if they want to qualify for Worlds.
4 days agoLoL

The NA LCS Summer Split All-Pro team is out—and Bjergsen didn't make the cut

How on earth did voters leave off the most accomplished player in the league?
5 days agoLoL

NA LCS Franchising Update: What we've learned since the initial announcement

There seems to be a ton of interest in the franchised league.
6 days agoLoL

Here is how each EU LCS team can qualify for Worlds

Which EU team do you think deserves a shot at Worlds?
8 days agoLoL

Team Liquid and Phoenix1 retain their NA LCS spots in the Promotion Tournament

P1 finally figured out how to close a series after getting a 2-0 lead on Sunday.
9 days agoLoL