Xing Li
League of Legends esports analyst
Competitive League analyst for Dot Esports; fan of missed skill shots and botched TP plays; lover of creative jungle paths; easily tilted by throws at the Baron pit.

Phoenix1 is about to face its biggest test of the year

Phoenix1 has shot up the NA LCS standings. Can they keep it up against TSM and C9?
3 days agoLoL

Bang vs. Pray: Some of the cleanest ADC play you’ll ever see

Bang and Pray put on a show a few days ago, and we captured all the highlights.
3 days agoLoL

Can anyone challenge SKT and KT in the LCK?

Samsung, MVP, and Longzhu are having good years, but can they really compete for the LCK title?
3 days agoLoL

Immortals Coach Robert Yip on this year’s team: “We need people who will rock the boat”

Robert Yip talks about his coaching philosophy, developing synergy, and working with Dardoch
5 days agoLoL

Dissecting Europe’s Group B: Can Unicorns, H2K, and Splyce take down G2?

What do these teams have to do to get to G2's level?
7 days agoLoL

TSM dominating NA—but must manage their own overconfidence

TSM are on top of North America once again.
9 days agoLoL

Fallen Giants: What happened to Giants Gaming in 2017?

After a Cinderella run last summer, Giants is back in the EU LCS basement
10 days agoLoL

The key to understanding Adrian’s role with Team Liquid? Doublelift

Liquid is starting Adrian this week over Matt. What does he bring to the table?
13 days agoLoL

Crashing back to Earth: What happened to FlyQuest?

After a strong start to the split, FlyQuest has fallen hard. What happened?
15 days agoLoL

Troll pick or new meta? Analyzing FlyQuest's Mordekaiser pick

Is Mordekaiser the new meta ADC champion?
16 days agoLoL