Xing Li
League of Legends Analyst
Competitive League analyst for Dot Esports, fan of missed skill shots and botched TP plays, lover of creative jungle paths, easily tilted by throws at the Baron pit.

The Brazilian landscape: What the League meta game will look like at MSI

MSI will be the first time we'll see competitive play on Patch 7.8.
2 hours agoLoL

The best of silver scrapes: Top plays from the NA LCS finals

The finals series between TSM and Cloud9 went the distance. Here are the best moments.
a day agoLoL

Phoenix1's Zig: If not for Coach Fly, we would not be where we are today

We spoke with P1's top laner after their five-set victory in the NA LCS third place game.
3 days agoLoL

ADC in 2017? Arrow just won NA LCS MVP

MVP was a hard award to decide on, but the Phoenix1 ADC deserves the plaudits he's received.
4 days agoLoL

Heavyweights collide in the NA LCS Spring final

The two storied NA franchises will duke it out Sunday for glory, and a spot at MSI.
5 days agoLoL

Clash of titans: SKT faces KT for the Korean crown

After months of anticipation, these two are ready to throw down in the LCK Finals
6 days agoLoL

Winning boringly: How G2's macro stifles opponents and has them on the cusp of another EU LCS title

A look at the key G2's success as they take aim at a third-straight European championship.
7 days agoLoL

A third-tier amateur LoL team is bootcamping in Korea, and here’s why

We asked AeQ's coach what they are hoping to get out of the bootcamp.
8 days agoLoL

Cloud9 sweeps Phoenix1 to make the NA LCS final

Cloud9 used winning lanes—and an unexpected performance from their jungler.
11 days agoLoL