Will Partin

Kevin "Purge" Godec taught Day9 Dota 2, and now he's ready to teach the masses

We talked to Dota 2's Purge about his new Patreon and series, Learn Dota.
2 days agoDota 2

Newbee dismantles Planet Odd to win Galaxy Battles

This was still a big improvement for the struggling Planet Odd.
10 days agoDota 2

Balance patch 7.06b brings just a dash of change to Dota 2

Buffed: Monkey King and Broodmother. Nerfed: Troll Warlord and Sven.
a month agoDota 2

Team Secret wallops Na`Vi to win CIS-EU Epicenter LAN qualifier

Blink and you'll have missed it.
a month agoDota 2

Virtus Pro win Mr. Cat Invitational over Team Empire

The victory confirms the team’s status as the best in the CIS region.
a month agoDota 2

TNC Pro Team drops ryOyr, adds 1437

The spring roster shuffle continues.
a month agoDota 2