Will Partin

TI7 preview: OG, slow and steady

The four-time Major champions hope to repeat their success in Seattle.
22 days agoDota 2

TI7 preview: Team Secret, masters of none

A talented team that hasn't always shown it.
24 days agoDota 2

TI7 team preview: Infamous, a first time for everything

The Peruvian squad comes to Seattle as the underdog of all underdogs.
a month agoDota 2

TI7 Preview: Team NP, the dark horse of Dota 2

EternalEnvy and co. will either soar or flounder.
a month agoDota 2

A Dota 2 series is coming to ELEAGUE as a lead up to The International

It's the company's first foray into both Dota 2 and non-competitive esports content.
a month agoDota 2

TI7 team preview: Digital Chaos—not bad!

And not great, either.
a month agoDota 2

TI7 team preview: Evil Geniuses, masters of the game

We're not saying they're going to win, but we're not not saying that either...
a month agoDota 2

Alliance wins The Final Match, the LAN that time forgot

Hey, it's better than nothing.
a month agoDota 2

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