Scott Dahlke
CS:GO Analyst

The Astralis Curse: All of the world leader's former rivals now flounder

SK, OpTic, and all fell off after facing Astralis. Is FaZe next?
a day agoCS:GO

The team who rules Overpass and Train will rule the world

How do these two maps enable greatness and why do they frequently show up in grand finals?
15 days agoCS:GO

Gambitstone: How a mid-table team became the best in the world—on one map

The middling Gambit are somehow the best team in the world on a single map.
a month agoCS:GO

5 lingering questions in the March tournament interim

Unresolved ambiguities remain in the weeks since the last CS:GO LAN.
a month agoCS:GO

Super-team skepticism

Will G2, Fnatic, and SK become the powerhouses we want them to be?
a month agoCS:GO

How has SK Gaming changed with its new-look?

How has the addition of Felps altered the identity of SK?
2 months agoCS:GO

The Best Team in the World: Map by Map

How should the seven kingdoms of Counter-Strike be divided?
2 months agoCS:GO

Pessimism emerges following the North American post-major shuffle

How cynical can we be about the current state of North American Counter-Strike?
2 months agoCS:GO

The Valve Meta: An Alternative History of Competitive CS:GO

How and to what degree has Valve's actions affected the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene?
3 months agoCS:GO

OpTic's Early Exit

OpTic's surprise elimination from the ELEAGUE Major isn't a single variable problem.
3 months agoCS:GO