Thiemo Brautigam
Business Reporter
All I need is free WiFi and a Schuko socket, is that too much to ask for?

Challengeme and eSports Hero merge, secure nearl $5 million investment

Challengeme Esports has absorbed eSports Hero.
3 days agoBusiness

Paris Saint-Germain esports secures six-figure betting site sponsorship

PSG and betting operator PMU carry their existing partnership over to esports.
4 days agoBusiness

Zlatan Ibrahimovic invests in Swedish esports startup

One of soccer’s best players in the world eyes the esports market.
5 days agoBusiness

ReDeYe: "I don’t wanna go out as one of those guys that clings on to the scene and hopes that he gets a few means to get the bills paid"

The esports event host talks about overcoming his burnout, his retirement plans, and nurturing talent.
6 days agoBusiness

F.C. Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué is working on an esports project

The Spanish soccer defender promised a big announcement in a radio interview.
6 days agoBusiness

A major German electrical company is looking to hire a talented... Hearthstone player

Is this just a marketing move, or is it a real commitment to esports?
8 days agoBusiness

Esports legend Dennis “Thresh” Fong secures $15 million in funding for

The investment group includes the owners of the San Francisco 49ers and basketball star Jeremy Lin.
12 days agoBusiness

FaZe dominates all competitors in esports social media rankings

These esports orgs rule supreme on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
14 days agoBusiness

NiKo’s buyout was around $500,000

The highest-reported buyout in CS:GO increased by 230 percent over the last 16 months.
16 days agoBusiness

NBA teams plan franchised esports league for NBA 2K

Traditional sports teams are putting a lot of money into esports for sports simulation games.
19 days agoBusiness