Thiemo Brautigam
Business Reporter
All I need is free WiFi and a Schuko socket, is that too much to ask for?

Study: One in five Germans are esports fans

Germans like it even more than cross-country-skiing, snowboarding, and table-tennis.
4 days agoBusiness

Unikrn set to raise $100 million in cryptocurrency sale

The esports betting platform wants to circumvent banking.
4 days agoBusiness

Viewer research powerhouse Nielsen launches esports division

Esports will get in-depth viewer statistics and analysis.
5 days agoBusiness

Riot Games could consider a Champions League-like model for the EU LCS

The NA LCS will be franchised, but what about EU?
9 days agoLoL

Riot is late implementing BAMTech, documents show

League esports' premium content app might not come before 2018.
11 days agoBusiness

Disney buys majority ownership in Riot Games partner BAMTech

The company will pull its content from Netflix and launch its own streaming platform.
13 days agoBusiness

Activision Blizzard touts 46 million monthly users, talks OWL future in earnings report

The company wants to expand its reach and deepen players' engagement.
18 days agoBusiness

Mercedes-Benz in talks as LoL Worlds 2017 sponsor

The 2017 League of Legends World Championship is held in China.
20 days agoBusiness