Steve Jurek
Steve covers the FGC, specializing in Street Fighter and the Capcom Pro Tour.

Snake Eyez flexes his way to CEO title

Snake Eyez leads another American top-four sweep in the final major tune-up before Evo.
4 days agoFGC

Three big E3 takeaways for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

What Capcom revealed at E3 will greatly shape the game's launch and reception.
10 days agoFGC

ELEAGUE to host $250,000 Injustice 2 World Championship

The competition will air on TBS and include players from all four official Injustice 2 tours.
12 days agoFGC

SonicFox wins first event of the Injustice 2 Pro Series

Combo Breaker marked the first event of the new fighting game’s tournament season.
25 days agoFGC

NuckleDu leads American top-4 sweep in Street Fighter V at Combo Breaker

It’s the first time Americans won all top four spots at a CPT Premier event.
25 days agoFGC

Punk wins ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational after Phenom's costly drop

Punk took advantage of a costly mistake to win the $150,000 grand prize.
a month agoFGC

Viewers’ Guide to all the Street Fighter V action on Memorial Day Weekend

Between Combo Breaker, the Red Bull Kumite, and the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational, we have you covered
a month agoFGC

Tekken gets its biggest esports push yet with $200k World Tour

Twitch and Bandai Namco are partnering up.
a month agoFGC

Phenom and Xiao Hai complete ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational finals field

Despite his second-place finish, Xiao Hai defeated rival NuckleDu for the first time ever.
a month agoFGC

Injustice 2 is getting a $600,000 tournament series

The global competition will feature one of the largest prize pools in fighting game history.
a month agoFGC