Steve Jurek
Steve covers the FGC, specializing in Street Fighter and the Capcom Pro Tour.

Gorilla wins $200,000 FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017

The FIFA 17 star was the first Englishman to win the title in 12 years.
5 days agoGeneral

JDCR scores fourth Tekken World Tour victory of the season

The Korean star got back on track with a win over teammate Saint at VSFighting.
10 days agoFGC

Unheralded Noroma upsets world's top Tekken players to win Korean Master Event

The Japanese player knocked off top-ranked JDCR and Saint on their home turf.
17 days agoFGC

iDom scores dominant breakthrough victory at Defend the North

The up-and-coming iDom went 6-0 against the world’s top-ranked Street Fighter V player
24 days agoFGC

Evo Japan to feature seven games at inaugural event

Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Arms, and more will be in the lineup
a month agoFGC

Tokido knocks off Punk to win Street Fighter V title at Evo 2017

"The Murderface" had come so close so many times, but he finally got his title on Sunday.
a month agoFGC

Salem stages epic comeback to win Smash Wii U title at Evo 2017

Salem's comeback against ZeRo made for great television.
a month agoFGC

JDCR stands tall as Korea dominates Tekken 7 at Evo 2017

JDCR led another Korean sweep of the top three spots.
a month agoFGC

RyanLV wins Evo title in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's swan song

RyanLV ensured the game's era ended with no repeat champions.
a month agoFGC

Hungrybox's third-place Evo finish marred by coaching controversy

Under most interpretations of the rule, both players could have forfeited this match.
a month agoFGC