Steve Jurek
Steve covers the FGC, specializing in Street Fighter and the Capcom Pro Tour.

Over 5,000 players registered for Evo Japan

The inaugural event will feature three tournaments with 1,200 entrants or more.
6 months ago - The OP

Full list of Street Fighter V's season 3 characters revealed

Sakura, Sagat, Cody, and Blanka will be joined by two newcomers.
6 months ago - FGC

MenaRD wins the 2017 Capcom Cup

The young Dominican Republic star knocked off legend after legend to win the $250,000 prize.
6 months ago - FGC

Tokido, Daigo lead dominant Japan into Capcom Cup finals

Sunday's finals will feature six Japanese players and no Americans.
6 months ago - FGC

Nemo earns final Capcom Cup berth with last chance qualifier win

Nemo will face top-seed Punk in the opening round.
6 months ago - FGC

The biggest paydays in fighting game tournament history

The winner of this weekend's Capcom Cup will find themselves somewhere on this list.
6 months ago - FGC

Defending champion NuckleDu "most likely won't" compete at Capcom Cup

The young Street Fighter star will miss the chance to defend his title.
7 months ago - FGC

Capcom hints at Sakura's addition to Street Fighter V roster

The latest Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition trailer included some clues.
7 months ago - FGC

Punk wins NA Regional Final at Red Bull Battle Grounds

Last year's rising Street Fighter V star proved why he's this year's top-ranked player.
7 months ago - FGC

How Red Bull Battle Grounds can impact the Capcom Cup bracket

The field has a lot to play for, and Sako has a lot to root for.
7 months ago - FGC