Scott Dahlke
CS:GO Analyst

Cloud9 and Na'Vi: Dueling disappointments

There's a weird similarity in the waxing and waning fates of performance of Cloud9 and Na'Vi.
a year ago - CS:GO

5 weird veto phases from the PGL Major's swiss

Surprises abounded in best-of-ones at the Major.
a year ago - CS:GO

The world's best CS:GO teams, map by map—July 2017

Who controls each of the seven kingdoms of Counter-Strike?
a year ago - CS:GO

Cache needs a champion

Cache is the black sheep of the current competitive map pool.
a year ago - CS:GO

Has the UMP nerf had any tangible effect on professional play?

The UMP-45 was nerfed exactly one month ago. Did it work?
a year ago - CS:GO

SK's Train: How did the Brazilians' masterclass map become mediocre?

SK are great again, so why haven't they recovered on Train?
a year ago - CS:GO

Counter-Strike's Parity Era

What separates this period of Counter-Strike from past Eras?
a year ago - The OP

Moneyball and the CS:GO stat problem

Can we understand CS:GO better by the numbers?
a year ago - CS:GO

Where is Virtus Pro?

Despite wild fanfare in early 2017, the long-standing Polish powerhouse is now MIA.
a year ago - CS:GO