PUBG might eventually come to PlayStation 4 after all

Don't give up hope, PS4 owners.
2 days agoGeneral

PUBG reaches four million sales in just three months of early access

The battle royale game continues to impress.
4 days agoGeneral

Overwatch finally adds customizable crosshairs in PTR update

An often-requested feature is on the way.
4 days agoOverwatch

PUBG is getting an assist statistic to prevent kill steals by squad teammates

No more arguing about who stole your kill in Squads.
4 days agoGeneral

PUBG's latest update improves framerate and server performance

Another week, another set of improvements to PUBG.
4 days agoGeneral

Overwatch Winston guide: Strategy, tips and tricks

Imagination is the essence of discovery.
5 days agoOverwatch

Blizzard stealth-nerfed certain aimbot hacks in Overwatch Patch 1.12

The war against cheaters in Overwatch rages on.
5 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch player uses Symmetra turrets to create basketball of death

The true enemy of humanity is disorder. And laser turrets.
7 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch reimagined as a classic turn-based RPG is perfectly nostalgic

Final Fantasy and Overwatch makes for a beautiful marriage.
7 days agoOverwatch