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Overwatch League commissioner reveals Blizzard's vision for team locations

Blizzard wants to see teams in America, Europe, and Asia.
5 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch Orisa guide: Strategy, tips and tricks

Your safety is her primary concern, but she’s capable of a whole lot more.
6 days agoOverwatch

Orisa goes live in Overwatch today, but not in Competitive Play just yet

Blizzard wants everyone to take a week to get familiar with the newest hero.
6 days agoOverwatch

MTV to broadcast India's first televised esports league this April

UCypher League will feature CS:GO and Dota 2.
7 days agoBusiness

New Overwatch patch can make Assault games quicker than ever

One side effect of Blizzard’s fix for draws has the community worried.
8 days agoOverwatch

The Green Wall is heading to IEM Sydney

ELEAGUE’s Season 2 Champions are headed to Australia in May.
12 days agoCS:GO

Blizzard sues cheat-making company for $8.5 million in damages

“Bossland” has made cheats for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and more.
12 days agoBusiness

Modern Warfare Remastered getting Variety Map Pack for purchase on March 21

The original map pack released in 2008 is back again, almost 10 years later.
20 days agoCoD

New PTR patch in testing brings changes to Orisa and numerous other Overwatch characters

Ana and Orisa get some big nerfs, while multiple heroes receive buffs.
20 days agoOverwatch

Orisa: Early impressions of Overwatch's 24th hero

Now live on the PTR, Overwatch's new hero is a defensive tank with an extremely strong kit.
24 days agoOverwatch