Robb Briggs

Gul'dan returns: Control Warlock decklists in the Kobolds and Catacombs Standard meta

Voidlord and Carnivorous Cube feature in the class' return to the top tier.
5 months ago - General

Dragon Priest decks for the Standard Kobolds & Catacombs meta

The dragons are back with a couple of new looks in the new format.
6 months ago - Hearthstone

The newest Warrior weapon from Kobolds and Catacombs gathers power from your armor

At two mana, Bladed Gauntlet looks to fill the hole Fiery War Axe left behind.
7 months ago - Hearthstone

The Rogue Legendary weapon from Kobolds and Catacombs has been revealed

Kingsbane will plague your opponent over the course of the game.
7 months ago - Hearthstone

The latest Druid spell from Kobolds and Catacombs reinforces armor gain in the class

The spell plays both offense and defense by recruiting a minion to the field as well.
7 months ago - Hearthstone

Week one's last card reveal from Kobolds and Catacombs is another Taunt minion

Hungry Ettin comes with a questionable Battlecry trigger.
7 months ago - Hearthstone

Ambush your opponent with spiders with the latest Rogue minion from Kobolds and Catacombs

The card combos well with Miracle Rogue strategies.
7 months ago - Hearthstone

Warlock gets a new demon in the latest Kobolds and Catacombs card reveal

This is only the second Warlock class card revealed so far.
7 months ago - Hearthstone

Priest gets a new board clear spell in the latest Kobolds and Catacombs reveal

The class has another removal option reminiscent of Entomb.
7 months ago - Hearthstone