Patrick Poke

Top 10 best (and worst) Hearthstone legendaries

Did your favorite make the list?
a month ago - Hearthstone

Odd vs. Even: Which Paladin reigns supreme?

The decks have changed, but the class remains the same.
2 months ago - Hearthstone

A new Paladin Epic supporting the Dragon archetype is coming in The Witchwood

Is it enough to make Dragon Paladin viable?
3 months ago - Hearthstone

A new Hunter minion from The Witchwood has been revealed

The Worgens are back, but still no "Beast" tag.
3 months ago - Hearthstone

Three cheap decks for Hearthstone's Wild ladder

Did the Wild Brawliseum leave you wanting more?
3 months ago - Hearthstone

Kiwi first-timer Jakattack wins HCT Sydney

He'll take home $7,500 and 15 Hearthstone Championship Tour points.
4 months ago - Hearthstone

Local players dominate the first day of HCT Sydney

Warlock was the most-banned deck, while Secret Mage struggled.
4 months ago - Hearthstone

Jakattack reverse sweeps Kin0531 with Exodia Paladin at HCT Sydney

This unique one-turn-kill helped secure Jakattack's victory.
4 months ago - Hearthstone