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Dot Esports reporter and Overwatch analyst, hardware enthusiast, D.Va main, and cat lover

Voting for Overwatch World Cup selection committees has begun

Who do you want to represent your country?
an hour agoOverwatch

Controversial capture point rule adjusted in new Overwatch patch

A few important bugs were fixed, too.
5 hours agoOverwatch

The sweet, stylish boys of KongDoo Panthera's Overwatch team have perfect new uniforms

Overwatch's most stylish team has a new look in OGN Overwatch APEX season three.
6 hours agoOverwatch

Razer is releasing a "reliable" wireless mouse

It's reliable enough that esports professionals will want to use it in tournaments, Razer said.
9 hours agoHardware

Europe is finally getting its own Overwatch LAN event

The folks at TaKeTV will hold a tournament June 1 to 4 in Krefeld, Germany.
10 hours agoOverwatch

Here's how to unlock Overwatch's Officer D.Va skin in Heroes of the Storm

We'll show you how to get Oni Genji and the rest of the rewards, too.
a day agoOverwatch

It doesn't make financial sense to run large-scale Overwatch tournaments, according to DreamHack

It sounds like we shouldn't expect any major DreamHack Overwatch tournaments for a while.
a day agoOverwatch

Team Liquid continues exclusive broadcasting partnership with Twitch

More live and on-demand content is on its way.
a day agoCulture