Overwatch’s skill rank decay changes are a good thing for competitive play

Players now have to complete seven games to keep their season rank from decaying.
8 minutes agoOverwatch

Nvidia’s next-generation graphics card is super powerful—and surprisingly cheap

You'll be able to get your hands on it in less than two weeks.
4 hours agoHardware

Seagull gets creative with Bastion in Oasis' bounce house

Seagull and NRG are having a lot of fun with Bastion.
5 hours agoOverwatch

Watch Luminosity's Ana put Hammers' Pharah to sleep mid-flight

Though this moment was impressive, it wasn't enough to secure Luminosity the win.
17 hours agoOverwatch

Overwatch's competitive season four is now live

The changes aren't huge, but they're still important.
19 hours agoOverwatch

Team Dignitas signs a women's CS:GO team

The former Selfless roster will now play under the Dignitas banner.
21 hours agoCS:GO

EnVyUs is the only international team to move forward in OGN Overwatch APEX season two

No other international Overwatch team could stand up to Korea's top tier talent.
a day agoOverwatch

Job Simulator developer hacked their game to add in Overwatch

An Owlchemy Labs dev got creative using Job Simulator assets to put Overwatch in their game.
2 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch's Efi Oladele seems to be building a robot

Blizzard's released a bit of new information, but it's still unclear exactly what it means.
2 days agoOverwatch