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Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered up with Team Dignitas

The partnership begins with livestreamed events.
5 days agoBusiness

The Seoul-based Overwatch League team could be called Seoul Dynasty

The trademark filing appears to be linked to KSV Esports.
5 days agoOverwatch

The Razer Blade Stealth is getting a power boost

The company is also launching the Core V2 external graphics card enclosure.
5 days agoHardware

This Overwatch concept art for Mercy is goddamn amazing—and the community loves it

Fans have created all sorts of art to celebrate the concept.
5 days agoOverwatch

The UK government will respond to a petition about regulating loot boxes

The government has three days to respond.
6 days agoGeneral

Team Seoul adds three players to its Overwatch League roster

Following Lunatic-Hai's disappointing OGN Overwatch Apex run, the team is adding new players.
6 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch reaches 35 million players

Blizzard hit the 30 million milestone with Overwatch in April.
6 days agoOverwatch

Former LW Blue player Luna quits Overwatch for PUBG

Jang "Luna" Kyung-ho found himself at the center of a controversy in August.
6 days agoOverwatch

RunAway and GC Busan move on to OGN Overwatch Apex finals

The two teams will also compete at the APAC Premier tournament in Shanghai.
9 days agoOverwatch