Max Melit
CS:GO Analyst
Australian freelance journalist focussed on esports and its stories.

Karrigan, Gla1ve, and the most important roster move since 2015

It's bigger than the French shuffles, and the addition of TACO & fnx.
13 days agoCS:GO

CS:GO's most intelligent investors

What do MSL, FalleN, Sgares and an investor/economist from the '70s have in common?
15 days agoCS:GO

The StarLadder Season 3 Finals are going to be totally unpredictable

Some of the year's best CS:GO is about to play out.
25 days agoCS:GO

nikH: "90 percent of teams in Asia are nothing more than five friends coming together"

An in-depth interview with the founder of CSGO2ASIA, nikH.
2 months agoCS:GO

IEM Sydney set to have over $260K prize pool

Australian will play host to an esports mega event coming to Sydney in early May.
2 months agoCS:GO

OPL mid laner Claire receives a ban after account sharing

The 20th OCE ban has been dished out to Legacy mid lander Claire.
2 months agoLoL

The mix-team that almost stole the crown: G2 at Cluj:Napoca 2015

Their online record was poor, they had no prior LAN experience, and they were playing on CS:GO's biggest stage.
2 months agoCS:GO

The historical mysticism of a one-tournament team

Who are the most successful one-time tournament teams and what drives their unique and rare victories?
2 months agoCS:GO

JAM Gaming Signs Top Rocket League Side

OCE's best side, formerly known of Athletico, joins Just a Minute Gaming.
3 months agoRL

Athletico acquires three new sponsors

Athletico has teamed up with ASUS, ASUS ROG, and Intel as their first sponsors of 2017.
3 months agoGeneral