Max Melit
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Australian freelance journalist focussed on esports and its stories.

Justifying CS:GO's strangest superstar: Andrey ‘Blad3’ Gorodensky

We stretch the limits of our traditional superstar model to incorporate Blad3.
8 days agoGeneral

To fizzle or to explode: The end of a CS:GO dynasty

With NiP's legendary story over, it's time to look at how teams end an era.
21 days agoCS:GO

The method behind the madness of FaZe

A balance of supporting roles defies belief to facilitate star disbelief.
2 months agoCS:GO

Malta: "I'm more scared of Vici than Renegades"

The Chiefs player breaks down the biggest problems facing Australian CS:GO.
2 months agoCS:GO

AZR: "We were surprised how [The Chiefs] were playing"

The Renegades entry-fragger still thinks both the Australian scene and his team have a long way to go.
2 months agoCS:GO

Tarik: "I don't think [RUSH as IGL] is out of the question"

OpTic Gaming's rifler talks about their leadership struggles and plans for the future.
2 months agoCS:GO

MSL: "We are going to be the best team in the world I think"

The player addresses another disappointing North performance.
3 months agoCS:GO

FalleN: "Every tournament is an opportunity to improve"

The Brazilian veteran is hoping to lead his team to another run at the top.
3 months agoCS:GO

KioShiMa: "If we win this one, I can say we are the top team."

FaZe's French ace on the rivalry with Astralis, the impact of Karrigan and learning to step back.
3 months agoCS:GO

Gla1ve: "Karrigan is definitely lying" on hidden tactics

The Astralis in-game leader takes a different view to the man he replaced.
3 months agoCS:GO