Maurice Barton

Halo World Championships Online Qualifier #1 Preview

The first Halo World Championship Online Qualifier tournament begins today. It will determine the seeding for the upcoming Las Vegas LAN event.
a year ago - Halo

The Guy Behind the Scenes: Interview with Emanuel 'Hoaxer' Lovejoy

Today we take a look at the game from the view of a coach with Str8 Rippin's Halo coach Hoaxer.
a year ago - Halo

Major Money Coming to Esports in 2017

Lots of investments and partnerships will make 2017 the best year for esports yet.
a year ago - The OP

Misfits are taking their talents to South Beach

The Miami Heat have partnered with the Misfits esports franchise to help promote the brand.
a year ago - The OP

TwoEasy parts ways with FaZe Overwatch

TwoEasy has announced his departure from the FaZe Overwatch team.
a year ago - Overwatch

Activision Announces the return of EGL in Sheffield

The European Gamer League will return to host a Call of Duty World League event this year in Sheffield.
a year ago - CoD

CoD World League announced for Insomnia 60

Multiplay Esports and Activision have teamed up to bring a Call of Duty World League Event to Insomnia 60.
a year ago - CoD

Lionsgate and Michael Milken Invest in Esports

Lionsgate, along with financier Michael Milken, are investing in the professional esports team Immortals.
a year ago - The OP

Meet the Avalanche Esports Gears of War Team

Avalanche Esports has announced its Gears of War roster today.
a year ago - Gears

Former REUNITED Overwatch Roster is Looking for a new Home

REUNITED is shutting down shop. Now the Overwatch team is looking for a new home. Who will pick them up?
a year ago - Overwatch