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Blizzard revives classic RTS with StarCraft Remastered

Blizzard’s 1998 intergalactic RTS is getting a facelift.
a day agoStarCraft

MVP’s Max lives the support dream against KT Rolster

Magician Max made magic happen against KT Rolster
3 days agoLoL

Immortals win the battle of the junglers over Cloud9

Contractz and Dardoch went head to head to start off week eight of the NA LCS
8 days agoLoL

Doublelift on returning to TSM: "I’m 100% positive that I’ll get my spot back"

Doublelift talks about Team Liquid, TSM, his future and more.
10 days agoLoL

Adrian to start for Team Liquid

Adrian will be Team Liquid’s starting support for week eight of the NA LCS.
13 days agoLoL

The disappearance of Longzhu Gaming: LCK Week 7 Recap

Check out all of the results for week seven in the LCK.
14 days agoLoL

Sweeps everywhere: NA LCS Week 7, Day 2 Recap

Following Doublelift’s return yesterday, Inori also came back to the LCS today.
15 days agoLoL

The return: NA LCS Week 7, Day 1 Recap

After a five month break, Doublelift made his triumphant return to the NA LCS.
16 days agoLoL

Doublelift joins Team Liquid for the remainder of the spring split

Former Team SoloMid AD carry Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng will be joining Liquid's starting lineup for the remainder of the spring split.
19 days agoLoL

Double Trouble: LCK Week 6 Recap

In week six, LCK teams faced off against the same opponent twice in the same week.
21 days agoLoL