Joshua 'Elbion' Tuffs
Overwatch Analyst

How I'd build my own OWL team: the San Diego Surf

Here's the Overwatch League roster I would build, if I had the money.
8 months ago - Overwatch

A one man apocalypse: The return of Roadhog

After some time out of the spotlight, Roadhog is fighting his way back into the meta.
9 months ago - Overwatch

Where did Lunatic-Hai go wrong?

The kings of Korean Overwatch have been dethroned.
9 months ago - Overwatch

The Overwatch League may underwhelm, and that's fine

Our expectations are so high, it’s unlikely they are met.
9 months ago - Overwatch

Bren on casting with ZP: "I think it tested his improv skills, but he slammed it home every single time"

Up-and-coming caster Bren talks about his involvement in three different esports.
9 months ago - Overwatch

Consistency or blowout potential: Attacking and defending in Overwatch

Do you go for a reliable strategy, or the highlight play?
9 months ago - Overwatch

The ups-and-downs of Afreeca Blue

One of the old guard of Korean Overwatch, Afreeca Blue has now fallen into decline
10 months ago - Overwatch

Playing to win, or to not lose: Why defensive Sombra can suffer

Sombra is undeniably strong, but there are gaps in how pros use her.
10 months ago - Overwatch

OGN Overwatch Apex quarterfinal preview: Who will prevail?

Last season’s finalists look ready to dominate again.
10 months ago - Overwatch

The six that make Seven: Korea's rising stars

Champions of the Open Division, Seven are impressing in Apex Challenger.
a year ago - Overwatch