Josh Taylor
GAMURS staff writer
Josh is an esports journalist who watches near every esport but mostly writes about League of Legends. He is currently getting his associates in Journalism before he transfers to a four year to continue his studies.

TSM secures first place: NA LCS Week 7 Day 3 Recap

A close series between Cloud9 and CLG leaves C9 in second place.
8 months agoLoL

Twitch to launch customizable desktop app

One of the biggest gaming based streaming services looks to expand.
8 months agoGeneral

Team Liquid picks up Adrian

Team Liquid has made another huge acquisition.
8 months agoLoL

IEM Katowice 2017 Event Preview (LoL)

The championship for Intel Extreme Masters season 11 is upon us.
9 months agoLoL

Upsets and stand-ins: NA LCS week 5, day 1 recap

Team Dignitas showed up, and Meteos made a reappearance on Phoenix1.
9 months agoLoL

A Day of Sweeps: EU LCS Week 5, Day 2 Recap

Team Vitality had another roster change and were put to the test against Misfits, while H2k-Gaming and Giants Gaming duked it out to close out the day.
9 months agoLoL

Hearthstone's "Year of the Mammoth" Announced

As the Year of the Kraken comes to an end, the Year of the Mammoth begins.
9 months agoHearthstone

Canada plans to launch the first 24-hour esports channel

The first 24-hour esports television channel will be broadcast in Canada.
9 months agoGeneral

Riot Games Reportedly Looking To Expand Into India

A new LoL server could grow the competitive scene.
9 months agoLoL

The Civil War: NA LCS Week 4, Day 3 Recap

A civil war was brewing, and only one team could be crowned the winner.
9 months agoLoL