Joshua 'Elbion' Tuffs
Overwatch Analyst

Playing to win, or to not lose: Why defensive Sombra can suffer

Sombra is undeniably strong, but there are gaps in how pros use her.
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OGN Overwatch Apex quarterfinal preview: Who will prevail?

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The six that make Seven: Korea's rising stars

Champions of the Open Division, Seven are impressing in Apex Challenger.
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Overwatch Meta Checkup: Doomfist Rises

The addition of Doomfist may be enough to topple the long standing dive meta
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Outsourcing talent: Koreans in the Overwatch League

Every org should want to sign Lunatic-Hai, right?
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EMP and the meta domino effect

The dominance of D.Va has led to the rise of Sombra.
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Widowmaker is making a resurgence in competitive Overwatch

The game's most accurate assassin is making a terrifying return to professional play
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EnVyUs Lui: "We can beat the Koreans, and definitely beat Rogue"

Team EnVyUs’s new DPS player discusses his latest chapter in professional Overwatch
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Defense Matrix and the meta domino effect

One simple change to D.Va toppled the metagame we knew and loved.
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Predictions for OGN’s Overwatch APEX season 3 group stage

We break down who you can expect to thrive
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