Ian J. Barker

On site at Hearthstone's ATLC, where the banal meets the fantastic

Cloud9’s Jan “Ek0p” Palys waves us into Team Archon’s suburban two-story home and politely asks us to remove our shoes
3 years ago - Hearthstone

Internet failure postpones critical seeding matches at the ATLC

The Archon Team League Championship’s blend of innovative action and accessible atmosphere turned sour on Saturday night after an equipment failure delayed crucial tournament matches
3 years ago - Hearthstone

Agony for Gamerbee, redemption for Momochi at Evo finale

A broken fightstick, a remarkable comeback, and a redeemed champion all took center stage at the climax of Evo’s most memorable Street Fighter finale to date
3 years ago - FGC

Hungrybox jeered, Armada revered in Evo Smash finale

After winning the Evo championship yesterday, Adam “Armada” Lindgren, did the one thing he hadn’t all weekend: showed emotion
3 years ago - The OP

Sonic Fox at Evo 2015: 'I can do anything'

Fighting games devotees spend years wrangling with their game's many intricacies, matchups, and nuances without ever cracking the world leaderboards
3 years ago - The OP

Sonic Fox wins Evo 2015

All you could see were bouncing blue ears above a standing ovation as 17-year-old Dominique "Sonic Fox" McLean overcame a loser's bracket deficit to win the Evo 2015 Mortal Kombat X championship
3 years ago - The OP

Guilty Gear competitor celebrates far too early, gets third

Guilty Gear Xrd player Washige was on the cusp of a dream upset, toppling tournament favorite Ogawa with his trademark Millia
3 years ago - The OP

Stars struggle, Hungrybox conquers as Smash field narrows

William “Leffen” Hjelte’s three consecutive titles and Joseph “Mang0” Marquez’s consecutive world championships meant little as Evo’s second biggest tournament narrowed its field to eight
3 years ago - The OP

ZeRo takes Evo, making it 41 tournament wins in a row

Bounties, counter-picks, and a gauntlet of capable opponents continue to mean little as Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios took home yet another title today in Las Vegas, sweeping Evo in familiar fashion
3 years ago - The OP

Pair of Americans and a Japanese unknown land in Evo's Street Fighter top 8

The Evolution Championship Series has a reputation for compelling storylines and nail-biting finishes
3 years ago - The OP