Gabriel Ionica

In the Spotlight: Pnda Gaming

This week, we'll be taking a look at the NA team Pnda Gaming.
a year ago - CS:GO

NA makes a move, EU shoots up: ESL Pro League Season 5 Week 3, Day 2 Recap

Team Liquid moves into second while Misfits and CLG take fifth and sixth, respectively.
a year ago - CS:GO

NRG Esports trial Professor_Chaos as coach

Splyce's ex-coach will get a chance to coach once again.
a year ago - CS:GO

TuGuX joins ex-DarkPassage

The Turkish player has finally found a new home.
a year ago - CS:GO

Are ESEA 10-mans the best way to improve?

ESEA 10-Mans are a popular way to play, but how useful are they when it comes to improving?
a year ago - CS:GO

In the Spotlight: mYinsanity

For this week's In the Spotlight article, we'll be taking a look at the Swedish team mYinsanity.
a year ago - CS:GO

CS:GO Pistols: Fair or Unbalanced?

It has been a long debate on whether these pistols need changes.
a year ago - CS:GO

Future Halo games to regain split-screen capability

This fan-favorite feature was taken out in Halo 5, but will now make its comeback.
a year ago - Halo

EPL match postponed due to ESEA outage

It seems EPL has hit a hard stop tonight as many professional players are tweeting about ESEA problems preventing them from playing their scheduled matches.
a year ago - CS:GO

Mix-Map CS: How to Splice up Showmatches

Have you ever thought that CS tournaments could use a fun match to ease up the tension? This could be your solution.
a year ago - CS:GO