Eddie Plaut
I'm a student Rice University currently studying History and Political Science. I follow CS:GO closely, but enjoy watching League, Melee, and Hearthstone as well.

Lifecoach says he is "just fed up" with competitive Hearthstone

One of the esports most well-known players could be leaving the scene.
a year ago - Hearthstone

BLU: 'Hopefully, other big orgs can work with [DaZeD] and we can cast together'

We talked to BLU at the ELEAGUE Major last weekend about his goals as a caster for this year, working with DaZeD, and finding his niche.
a year ago - CS:GO

"Now, the hard work starts" - zonic

We talked to Astralis coach zonic after his team won the major.
a year ago - CS:GO

gla1ve: 'Playing against [Fnatic's] loose style was hard'

We talked to Astralis's gla1ve after the team's big semifinal win over Fnatic.
a year ago - CS:GO

'I would prefer to play SK' - Kuben

We talked to Virtus.pro's Kuben after their magical win against North.
a year ago - CS:GO

'I'm still the best pistol player in the world' - Dennis

We talked to dennis after Fnatic's close win in the quarterfinals.
a year ago - CS:GO

'We struggled to get our composure' - Liquid Jokasteve

We had a quick chat with Liquid's General Manager Jokasteve.
a year ago - CS:GO

'I actually think that Na`Vi had the disadvantage by going 3-0' - Xyp9x

We talked to Xyp9x after their victory against Na`Vi.
a year ago - CS:GO

Pregame Interview with AdreN

We caught up with Gambit Gaming's Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev just before his match against Fnatic.
a year ago - CS:GO

Astralis Awakens: ELEAGUE Major Preview

Breaking down Astralis, one of the favorites for the upcoming ELEAGUE Major.
2 years ago - CS:GO