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Riot Tests New Forfeit-at-15 Feature

The new system will require a unanimous decision, but would save players time.
a year ago - LoL

The Disparity Continues: LMS Week 4 Recap

Week 4 of the LMS continued the trend of Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports Club and J Team being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.
a year ago - LoL

Splyce and Fnatic Go 4-3: EU LCS Week 5 Day 3 Recap

The fifth week of the EU LCS featured matches between Splyce vs. ROCCAT and Fnatic vs. Origen.
a year ago - LoL

Hong Kong Esports falls, J Team and ahq contend: LMS week 3 recap

The third week of LMS saw more disparity in the league due to Hong Kong Esports being swept by J Team and ahq e-Sports Club.
a year ago - LoL

xPeke: "If NA and EU [had their own identity], they would be much more competitive against Korea."

With Gillette sponsoring xPeke, ESL and IEM Katowice, we were able to talk about himself, being and owner versus being a pro and his thoughts on how EU and NA can catch up to Korea.
a year ago - LoL

Flash Wolves Are Top Dogs: LMS Week 2 Recap

Flash Wolves assert their dominance, while J Team, ahq e-Sports Club and Hong Kong Esports look to be in the fight for second place.
a year ago - LoL

Gillette Sponsors xPeke, ESL and IEM Katowice

Gillette has marked their entry into esports.
a year ago - The OP

MadLife to Miss First Match of Challenger Series Due to Visa Issues

Gold Coin's all-star support is the latest victim of esports' visa problem.
a year ago - LoL

LMS Week One Recap: Flash Wolves, J Team Start Off Strong

The first week of play for LMS League of Legends took place this past weekend. Here are how the games went, as well as current standings in the league.
a year ago - LoL

Red Bull Launches 'Leader of the Lane' Series Starring Bjergsen

Red Bull has launched a series titled “Leader of the Lane” starring Team SoloMid’s mid laner, Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg.
2 years ago - LoL