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The Thorin Treatment: A New Dawn for NiP

NiP held onto their core members for too long, but a new vision directs their future.
a month ago - CS:GO

The Thorin Treatment: The Spirit of TaZ

TaZ's spirit has been the driving force behind Polish Counter-Strike glory for more than a decade.
7 months ago - CS:GO

Thorin's Top 10 CS:GO Players of 2017

The ten best players in Counter-Strike over 2017 according to Thorin
7 months ago - CS:GO

The Thorin Treatment: Who dust2 Helps and Hurts

The return of dust2 will alter the map pools of the top teams for good and for ill
7 months ago - CS:GO

The Thorin Treatment: dupreeh - Denmark's Forgotten Star

Dupreeh is one of CS:GO's great players, but his form only recovered this year.
7 months ago - CS:GO

Woodbuck on the challenges of Coaching TSM

TSM's forgotten coach talks about the difficulties of coaching Western LoL's most famous team.
7 months ago - LoL

The Thorin Treatment: SK's Quantum Accomplishment Uncertainty

SK Gaming may be the best team of 2017 but not with six players.
7 months ago - CS:GO