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CRUC1AL parts ways with Splyce

Splyce has made another change to its Counter-Strike roster.
8 months agoCS:GO

Rickeh joins Counter Logic Gaming

CLG has filled the gap left by Subroza.
8 months agoCS:GO

A Heroic run comes to an end: IEM Katowice Day 4 Recap

Our finalists are revealed after two matches at IEM Katowice today.
8 months agoCS:GO

The Brazilians we didn't expect in the semifinals: IEM Katowice Day 3 Recap

The stage is now set for the last four teams to wage war in Katowice.
8 months agoCS:GO

ESL and DreamHack partner with Twitter to livestream esports content

Two of the biggest companies in esports will be streaming events live on Twitter.
9 months agoGeneral

The new FaZe debut with a win: IEM Katowice Day 1 Recap

Three teams advance and three are eliminated from Group A in day one of IEM Katowice.
9 months agoCS:GO

YNk on Weatherman Janko: "I really do hope that it becomes more frequent at events"

We caught up with Janko "YNk" Paunovic at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas to speak about roster moves, analyst life and more.
9 months agoCS:GO

Rogue removes glace from active lineup

Rogue has removed a player from their active lineup.
9 months agoCS:GO

Sadokist thinks the Las Vegas crowd size might be signaling for "less events in North America"

We spoke to Sadokist after he casted the grand final of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas about the crowd size, Drop The Bomb's second season and other topics.
9 months agoCS:GO

TACO on felps joining SK: "We had to change some roles"

We spoke to TACO of SK Gaming at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas after his win over TyLoo. Check out his thoughts on the coaching rules and more.
9 months agoCS:GO