How do professional teams get an advantage in the early game? Part 1

How can a team get an advantage in the 15 minutes?
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The most nerfed and buffed champions in modern League: an in-depth look at what Riot likes to change

Note: This article contains only the data on all patches after and including the Yorick patch on June 22, 2011.
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How much does a "kill steal" damage a professional team's chances of winning?

Everyone knows the feeling as an AD carry. You put in all the work harassing your opponents, you get them low, flash in, and...your support Sona "accidentally" gets a double kill with a Hymn of Valor.
3 years ago - LoL

Which LCS players and teams play the most off-meta champions? - NA Edition (in-depth)

Of the many great joys of competitive League of Legends, the off-meta pick may be the greatest.
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LoL Season 1 Review: The Rise of Chicks Dig Elo

With Season 5 already underway, viewers have witnessed the rapid ascent of the League of Legends scene in the last four years.
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How NaJin Sword is the Best Worlds Team of All Time: League of Legends Statistical Rankings for all 4 World Championships

Healthy debate has raged on about which team was the most dominant world champion, which teams have performed well on an international stage, and which teams seem to choke when they go to Worlds.
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