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Unicorns of Love takes back the top spot: EU LCS Recap Week 7, Day 2

The second day of week seven showcased G2 Esports vs. Splyce and Fnatic vs. UoL.
8 months agoLoL

ROCCAT earns its first match win: EU LCS Week 7, Day 3 Recap

Week seven of the EU LCS began with the bottom teams fighting to avoid relegation.
8 months agoLoL

The statistically most and least effective bans in the NA LCS

A look at the statistically best bans for the North American LCS.
9 months agoLoL

Nyjacky reportedly set to start for Team Liquid

Nyjacky, former mid laner of Team Curse, announced on Twitter that he will be starting for Team Liquid.
9 months agoLoL

Aatrox changes coming to the PBE

Riot announced the changes to Aatrox that will be coming to the PBE for the patch 7.5 testing.
9 months agoLoL

Daybreak announces $300K H1Z1: King of the Kill tournament

Daybreak has announced that they'll be hosting their own H1Z1: King of the Kill tournament.
9 months agoGeneral

Cho'Gath's current state

With patch 7.4 featuring major changes to Cho'Gath's ultimate, let's look at the champion's current state.
9 months agoLoL

Team SoloMid aims for the throne: NA LCS Week 5, Day 3 Recap

Week five concludes with the top teams fighting to keep their spots, while the middle teams attempted to not fall behind the pack.
9 months agoLoL

G2 retain their throne: EU LCS Week 5, Day 1 Recap

For the first day of this week in the EU LCS, we got to see the two undefeated teams of UoL and G2 battle it out, while Fnatic looked to continue their success with their new jungler.
9 months agoLoL

H2Kings of the Early Game

A look at how H2K has been Europe's most dominant team in the early game.
9 months agoLoL