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Priest, Rogue, and Druid dominate the Hearthstone meta

Those three classes are dominating the game right now.
3 days agoHearthstone

New hero portrait promotion leads to Fireside farce

This definitely isn't what Blizzard had in mind.
5 days agoHearthstone

Hearthstone is getting spooky with the Hallow's End event

There's a whole lot going on during the two-week period.
5 days agoHearthstone

Adidas challenges ELEAGUE trademark filing

The sports giant thinks the logo might be too similar.
6 days agoCS:GO

Report: Phoenix1 and Envy out, OpTic in for the NA LCS

The newly-franchised LCS could look very different.
6 days agoLoL

Surrender wins HCT Summer as a star-studded quartet advances to Worlds

Four potential winners are headed to Amsterdam.
7 days agoHearthstone

The final HCT Championship of the year starts today

Four spots in the World Championship are up for grabs.
10 days agoHearthstone

Rogue and Hunter on the rise in the post-nerf Hearthstone meta

Things have changed dramatically in the past week.
a month agoHearthstone