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Mitsuhide wins Seat Story Cup VII

The Dutch player beat one of the most stacked fields in Hearthstone.
2 hours agoHearthstone

Firebat's deck doctor might be the best Hearthstone content out there

It's a great insight into how deckbuilding should be done.
3 days agoHearthstone

Big changes are coming to Hearthstone card packs

Say goodbye to duplicate legendaries.
4 days agoHearthstone

China's full participation in Hearthstone Wild Open in doubt after visa problems

None of the top six players could get a travel visa initially.
4 days agoHearthstone

Red Bull reportedly dropping LCS team sponsorships due to Riot conflict-of-interest rules

Now Red Bull owns a team, they can't be a sponsor elsewhere.
4 days agoLoL

NBC to broadcast $100,000 Rocket League tournament

The broadcaster says esports has been "tough to ignore."
5 days agoBusiness

Paladin continued its dominance at DreamHack Summer 2017

The tournament showed off the meta's refined diversity.
5 days agoHearthstone

OpTic has joined WESA, and FaZe Clan apparently never left

We've also always been at war with Eurasia.
12 days agoCS:GO

Alexstraza or Gadgetzan Auctioneer could be next for Hearthstone's Hall of Fame

Ben Brode is already thinking about his next potential targets for rotation.
16 days agoHearthstone