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The View from Below: Freeze's Struggle to Reach the Top

Freeze's arduous career faces a new challenge: an injury.
2 years ago - LoL

The Origen Band-Aid: xPeke as a Marksmen

A look into xPeke as an AD carry, and his invisible contributions to Origen.
2 years ago - LoL

Criticising ESL's Overwatch Format

ESL has announced the format for the Atlantic Showdown qualifiers, and it's not good.
2 years ago - Overwatch

Faith Depleting: CLG's Slow Decline

A look into Counter Logic Gaming's recent performance in the North American League Championship Series.
2 years ago - LoL

Returning to the Summit: Cloud9 and TSM Reinvent Themselves

A look into Cloud9 and TeamSoloMid's recent roster changes.
2 years ago - LoL

Lee "Rush" Yoon-Jae's Series of Unfortunate Events

A look at Rush's time in North America, and the string of bad luck.
2 years ago - LoL

Mangaka's Musings: YellowStar to Team SoloMid

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3 years ago - LoL

#SavetheWaves Campaign: Petition and RP Give Away Inside!

From time to time, Riot blunders in patching League of Legends. Sometimes they leave overpowered elements in the game unadjusted for long times, such as Cinderhulk;
3 years ago - LoL

The Faith Age Ends: Examining CLG's Worlds Run

The faith age has come to an end.
3 years ago - LoL

The Waltz of Cloud9 : How the Cinderella Run Continues at Worlds

Like a thunderstorm rolling in on a forecasted sunny day, Cloud9 have upset all predictions of their World Championship performance by going undefeated in their first week of the group stage.
3 years ago - LoL