Brian Chang
Freelance reporter

Goldenglue shines in return to LCS stage with Cloud9

He's finally translating his scrimmage success to dominance on-stage.
a day ago - LoL

Riot Games' anti-cheat software for League also targets Linux users

The developer currently is not planning to change its program in any way.
a day ago - LoL

Echo Fox are given the win over Clutch Gaming following a technical issue

Riot officials ruled Clutch had no "reasonable chance" to come back.
2 days ago - LoL

Liquid silence any doubters in a dominant showing against 100 Thieves

The first game of the NA LCS Summer Split was a rematch of the spring finals.
3 days ago - LoL

Misfits roll over Fnatic in EU LCS day one victory

The battle of the marksmen became the Draven show.
4 days ago - LoL

Sneaky's benching marks first time C9 fields new ADC

The marksman had become the face of Cloud9, and without him, the team might be lost.
5 days ago - LoL

Faker reclaims the solo queue throne on the Korean server

The Unkillable Demon King is back.
5 days ago - LoL

Elise and Lee Sin receive much-needed buffs

The two former jungle mainstays have a chance to regain their throne.
6 days ago - LoL

CLG vs. TSM: The El Clásico of the NA LCS

Both teams have a lot to prove in summer.
6 days ago - LoL