Brian Chang
Freelance reporter

With Akali's rework come her updated skins, and she's a lot more badass

Both Akali and her blades are a lot edgier.
12 hours ago - LoL

Riot will shut down League's NA servers in preparation for Patch 8.14 tomorrow

They should be back up after about three hours.
a day ago - LoL

100 Thieves rob TSM of full control of first place in the NA LCS

EU Heimerdinger > NA Heimerdinger.
3 days ago - LoL

CLG disrupt the 4-way tie for first in the NA LCS with a win over Echo Fox

Darshan made sure Darius won more than the vs. event.
3 days ago - LoL

Misfits prove they belong at the top of the EU LCS standings with a win over Vitality

Sencux and Alphari carried Misfits to their eighth straight win.
3 days ago - LoL

Inero steps down as head coach of Echo Fox, Thinkcard to take his place

Inero won't be seen on another LCS team this split.
4 days ago - LoL

Darius overthrew Garen in this year's VS event

Not even the mighty God King could beat the power of FREEDOM.
5 days ago - LoL

Mid lane champions feel the magic on League's PBE

Corki, Vel'Koz, and Cassiopeia will be dealing tons of damage, even without Trinity Force.
7 days ago - LoL

How to watch the LMS

The broadcast channel, participating teams, format, and more.
7 days ago - LoL

Vision runes receive buffs on League's PBE

The unseen Poro is the deadliest.
9 days ago - LoL